Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trans Woman Number 16 Has Been Murdered- RIP Tamara

Tamara Dominguez
Once again I'm waking up to hear about another trans woman of color being killed.  This time it was in Kansas City, MO and the trans woman in question is a Latina.

36 year old Tamara Dominguez is the latest name we will be lighting a candle for at this November`s TDOR memorial services.   She was mugged,. then run over multiple times in a church parking lot by what is described as a man driving a black Chevy Avalanche SUV at 3:00 AM on Saturday.  

Dominguez was rushed to a hospital, but died on Monday.

Kansas City PD suspects it is a hate crime, but are reluctant to call it that because this is still an active investigation and  are looking for that SUV and its driver.

Dominguez is now the 16th trans person and the third Latina killed in what is shaping up to be a bloody year of trans feminine murders.

And the same question I asked of the Black cis community is also applicable to the Latino cis community as well.  When will the lives of your trans Latina sisters matter enough for you to speak up and condemn the murders being aimed at them?


How about demonstrating your support of your Latina trans sisters by signing this We The People White House petition calling for a federal investigation into the unacceptable levels of anti-trans violence aimed at trans women of color?   It needs 100K signatures by September 10 to trigger a formal WH response to it and we have at the time I am writing this 2,448 signatures.

The family is also trying to raise $3.500 for the funeral and to send Tamara's body back to Mexico for burial, so if you have some cash burning a hole in your purse or wallet, please consider donating to help her

As usual, stay tuned to this TransGriot channel for any updated news I get concerning this latest hate crime aimed at our community..

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