Thursday, August 20, 2015

Been Nominated For 2015 OutSmart Reader's Choice Awards

Was surprised to learn that in the latest edition of the OutSmart Gayest and Greatest Readers Choice Awards has started the online voting process yesterday and will run until September 5.

In 2014 I won two of the Reader's Choice Awards  in the Favorite Blogger (Female) and Favorite  Tweeter (Female).categories and was a finalist for the Most Prominent LGBT Female Activist award. 

In 2015 I was nominated in three categories:
Favorite LGBT Blogger
Favorite Female Community Hero
Most Prominent Female LGBT Activist 

While I deeply appreciate those nominations, especially the second consecutive nomination in the Most Prominent Female LGBT Activist category,  just curious as to why I didn't get one for Best LGBT Local Blog and why no trans, bi or lesbian woman was nominated in the Best LGBT Tweeter category despite many of us having very active twitter accounts?

I guess that's why they have write in voting in all the categories in question.

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, and just an FYI you can vote once a day until the September 5 closing date.   You don't have to be a Houston resident either, just register and you're good to go.

Here's the link to vote in the 2015 OutSmart Gayest and Greatest Reader's Choice Awards.

You can also vote early and often once per day until voting closes on September 5.

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