Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Repeat: Transpeeps Wish To Pee In Peace

Once again, just a friendly TransGriot reminder of why we trans folks have to go to a bathroom that matches our outward gender presentation.  

To answer nature's call.  

.Trans people, just like you cis people have to eliminate bodily wastes either by peeing, pooping or a combination of both.  Once we are done we flush the toilet, wipe the seat, wash our hands, check our appearance on the trans feminine end and go.

We are not the predators as the Duggar family and other hypocritical conservafools projecting their sexual fantasies and proclivities accuse us of being, we are the prey.

It's why we transpeeps want to go in the bathroom, handle our business, and get out with no fuss, no muss and no drama and have been doing so ever since Christine Jorgensen stepped off the plane in 1953.  We are in there to handle a natural bodily function, not to get a date or prey upon your wives and kids.  

That would be your ministers, some male relative or family friend of yours.   They also as Josh Duggar and others have proved overwhelmingly tend to be right wing Christian white males, and you have to be far more concerned with them being around your wives, female relatives and kids than the average trans woman.

I'm just sayin'.   Now where's my unsweetened tea?.

The point I'm making is that the trans predator myth is a debunked lie, and anyone trying to pimp it deserves you either laughing in their face, calling their lying azzes out or you giving them the side eye.

If you see any trans women in your bathrooms, they are more likely to be hogging the mirrors and complimenting your wives and children, even if you wish to irrationally hate on them because FOX Noise and some right wing minister pushing an agenda told you so.

I repeat.  Let my people pee in peace.

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