Friday, January 09, 2015

Trans Woman Making Bid To Run NC Democratic Party

Janice Covington AllisonIn 2012 Janice Covington Allison was one of the thirteen trans delegates to the Democratic National Convention being held in Charlotte, NC. 

She was also the first trans delegate ever from the state of North Carolina  and has held leadership positions in the North Carolina Democratic Party's LGBT Caucus..

Now she is running to lead the Democratic Party in the Tarheel State.

When the party's Executive Committee meets in Raleigh on February 7, she will one of a large field of candidates to lead the party in the wake of former Party Chair Randy Voller stepping down.

And if she is successful in winning the job, Allison would become the first out trans person ever to lead one of the major political parties at the state level.

“I know that I will have great barriers to overcome, because I will be the first transgender woman in our country’s history to seek out a state’s Democratic Party chairmanship,” Allison said in a recent news release. “However, I think because our party is the party of the future, acceptance and diversity, I will be accepted, based on my ability to do the job.”

We'll find out on February 7 if that happens for her.  You know I'm hoping it does.

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