Friday, January 16, 2015

Being Honored With A 2015 Transgender Pioneer Award!

Click to enterOne of the long running transgender themed conventions I have never been able to attend is the Fantasia Fair in Provincetown, MA.

Fantasia Fair is the oldest and longest running annual trans themed event of its kind, having first started in 1975 in this LGBT friendly resort town on Cape Cod... 

Even going back to my Air Marshal days, I've always wanted to attend Fantasia Fair, but for various reasons including the timing of it, I was never able to make my schedule work for that to happen. 

When the 2015 edition of it kicks off October 19-26, I'll finally be in the Fantasia Fair house

I was informed earlier today that  I will be honored with the 2015 Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award.   I was not only shocked to find out this is happening, I'll be making a little history when I do so.  I will be the first African-American trans person ever to receive it.

The Transgender Pioneer Award is given by the nonprofit Real Life Experiences, and it honors leaders in trans* communities who have freely given of their time, energy, and money, often at a private cost to their careers and personal relationships.

So yes, I have a few months to put together a keynote speech for it.   Also looking forward to to the trip to that part of the country and hope we'll have some wonderful October weather in Provincetown for it.

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