Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daddy Cruz Pimps The Transphobia

I have no love for the junior senator from Alberta, but I have even less love for his conservaevangelist father Rafael Cruz.

Rafael has been colluding with Dave Welch and some of our Houston sellout kneegrow ministers to overturn the trans inclusive non-discrimination ordinance that the Dallas area suburban city of Plano, TX passed and our passed in May 2014 Houston Equal Rights Ordinance that is now in court.

Daddy Cruz got caught on tape saying some jacked up crap about transpeople to cookie chomping kneegrow E.W Jackson, including the mind blowing comment that trans people simply using the bathrooms will bring on the Apocalypse.

Now I know where Ted Junior got his conservaidiocy from.

Since we transpeople are so powerful, I suggest we test out Daddy Cruz's theory by rolling down to Steve 'Swastika Cakes' Riggle's Haterdome  and use the bathrooms matching our gender presentation.

As a TransGriot public service, I've got the video posted so you can laugh your behinds off at the words coming out of his mouth.  

But it's this type of anti-trans hate speech that creates the climate for trans people to be killed, and I'm tired of it going unchecked and unridiculed  

It's also a reminder that this is the mentality that we are fighting for our human rights against and this type of unhinged foaming at the mouth devoid of logic transphobic hate cannot be reasoned with.

You have to destroy it.

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