Saturday, January 03, 2015

HERO Updates, Notes and News-January 3

Happy New Year people!  

While the calendar page has flipped to 2015, our fight to implement the passed on May 28 Houston Equal Rights Ordinance continues against our faith based oppressors.
The court hearing is coming up on January 19,  in which King Hater Dave Welch and his sellout kneegrow auxiliaries are trying to force a repeal vote on the HERO despite not collecting enough signatures by the deadline to do so, and repeatedly violating the procedures to do so.

In this first update for 2015, our opponents continue to try to pimp the lie that TBLG discrimination doesn't happen in Houston, but this lawsuit filed by a trans woman of color who was formerly employed by Saks Fifth Ave. just blew that lie up.

Here's the KPRC-TV news story about that anti-trans discrimination lawsuit.

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In addition, it was disturbing to hear the Saks attorneys try to use their HRC Corporate Equality Index score as a defense against the trans discrimination allegations.

It is an index  that trans people have complained to HRC about since 2009 that the Corporate Equality Index is problematic because it doesn't give proper scoring weight to transgender discrimination issues or policy solutions that would go a long way to alleviate it.

But the bottom line is that the HERO needs to be implemented without delay, since it's obvious that the discrimination inside the Houston city limits aimed at the TBLG community won't end unless the violators are forced to do so.

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