Friday, January 23, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards-Chain Of Fools Edition

If the title of this week's Shut Up Fool Awards sounds familiar, it's borrowed from a classic Grammy Award winning Aretha Franklin song that was released in November 1967.   

Chain of Fools went number one on the R&B chart for four weeks and hit number two on the pop chart in January 1968 for two weeks.   It later won the Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

So let's get to our usual Friday business of calling out a seemingly unbroken chain of fools for this week's awards.

Honorable Mention number one is Sen. Joni Ernst (Teabagger-IA).  She claimed during her State of the Union rebuttal speech infomercial that she grew up poor, but family got over $460K in federal farm subsidies.

Honorable mention number two  is our fave Oklahoma homobigot in state Rep. Sally Kern.    She's Exhibit A of my repeated statement that most dangerous bigot is the one with the power to write legislation. 

Sally's in the news again by pushing a trio of bills that would make it extremely difficult for LGBT people to live in Oklahoma.   Never mind the fact the hypocrite has a gay son and was officially rebuked by her House colleagues for uttering racist and misogynistic remarks..

Still haven't given up on your dream of making Oklahoma LGBT free, eh Frau Kern?

Honorable Mention number three is Patsy Keever.   She's running for the chair of the NC Democratic Party along with trans candidate Janice Covington Allison, and let loose an anti-trans insult at a candidate forum in Gastonia, NC on Tuesday.

Transphobia is never a good look on the campaign trail, boo

Honorable mention number four is Hugh Taylor, the superintendent (R) of the DeKalb County AL schools who refused to let high school classes see the movie Selma because 'it's full of filthy language'.

But if that high school history teacher had requested to see Birth Of A Nation, you be all in for that huh?

Honorable mention number five is Mike Huckabee, for his racist hatin' on Bey Bey and other crimes against common sense..

Honorable mention number six is Dave Wilson, who is trying to get an anti-trans Houston City Charter amendment on the ballot that would fix gender identity at birth based on genitalia despite all the modern scientific evidence to the contrary.

And I had to have somebody from Texas on the list this week.

Rep. Tom McClintock (C-SPAN)This week's Shut Up Fool award winner is Rep Tom McClintock (R-CA)

In another sterling  example of why the most dangerous bigot is the one with the power to write legislation, this TeapubliKKKan parted his lips on C-SPAN to say that the minimum wage should be kept at $7 a hour for minorities because 'they aren't worth more than that.'

And racist conservative white male Republican congressmembers aren't worth the $175K in taypayer dollars we pay y'all, and I hope and pray the minority voters unfortunate enough to live in your congressional district vote your azz out next year.

The folks in Seattle have just blown up all your GOP arguments for not raising the minimum wage, because business is booming in that city because workers have money in their pockets. 

Even President Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 1936 knew what the key to a booming American economy was (and still is) and you Republicans are too stupid to realize it. 

Give American workers a living wage that allows them to pay their bills, save and have some extra disposable income to spend and they will put it back in the American economy.
'It is to the real advantage of every producer, every manufacturer and every merchant to cooperate in the improvement of working conditions, because the best customer of American industry is the well-paid worker'
President Franklin D Roosevelt, October 16, 1936.
Rep. Tom McClintock, shut up racist fool.

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