Saturday, January 24, 2015

High School Students Call Out FOX Noise

"Based on our studies about the field of journalism, we have determined that you're not practicing journalism. You're practicing rank propaganda." [...]
"By watching Fox News, we have learned buckets about journalism - what to do and, more importantly, what never to do. It is our hope that Fox News can learn the very same from watching us."
Mount Anthony Union HS, Bennington VT

Too bad the people watching that alleged network don't get that point that the students of Mount Anthony Union High School learned while studying journalism. 

But I'll let you watch their video and let them tell you themselves..

Also points out why the Republicans hate public schools.  They teach kids to critically think, and that's bad news for conservatism, that requires lots of bamboozled voters to keep them in power.

But the Mount Anthony high school students are far more optimistic about FOX than the rest of us are about the lying news leopard changing its spots.  

It won't.  It is a political arm of the Republican Party and the conservafool movement.  If you didn't know that already, the kids at Mount Anthony just helped 'ejumacate' you to that.

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