Saturday, October 17, 2009

Transpinay Enters Philippine Big Brother House

The good news about transpeople around the world just living their lives and being positively visible just keeps on coming.

Pinay TG actually posted this on October 10, but it bears repeating anyway.

Pinay TG wrote that STRAP member Rica Paras is entering the Philippine Big Brother house. From reading the post, hell, I want to meet Rica. She's got it going on as we'd say in my old neighborhood.

There is a show website with individual profiles of the housemates that you can peruse at your leisure. Was a little irritated that they put Rica's old name out there in her profile, but hold your fire gang. STRAP is wishing to use Rica's appearance as a teachable moment for Philippine society, so let's let them handle their local business.

If they need more international firepower backing them up, Pinay TG and STRAP will let us know.

So just show Rica some love and support. Two fan sites with much content written in Filipino have popped up. Pinay TG will advise me about other things they are coming up with to better support our sis.

Congratulations, Rica and good luck.

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