Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-National Equality March Edition

At this moment buses are rolling to DC from all parts of the country for the National Equality March. It will be taking place on October 11 and the list of speakers for the march is being finalized as I write this.

One name I was happy to see on the list is Hawaii State Board Of Education Member Kim Coco Iwamoto, who as of this moment is the highest ranking political office holder as a US based transperson.

Hope that Brittany Novotny makes history of her own next year as she runs for a seat in the Oklahoma Legislature against homobigot Sally Kern.

Even though I'm ambivalent about the march because I haven't seen enough evidence to date that it's pushing a broad based TBLG agenda besides marriage equality, I still want it to be successful and come as close to filling up the Mall as possible.

Speaking of successful, let's see who succeeded in making fools of themselves and getting the honor of being called out this week for it.

As usual, there were many worthy candidates including the usual suspects of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and Rep. Michele Bachmann, last week's winner.

But this week's winner comes from the home state. I love being from Texas, hate the yahoos. The Texas Republican Party is farther right than the national one, and East Texas is a whole 'nother planet.

Meet our honoree, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). During the hearing they held to discuss repealing DADT, this winning comment came out of his mouth.

If you're oriented toward animals, bestiality, then, you know, that's not something that can be used, held against you or any bias be held against you for that. Which means you'd have to strike any laws against bestiality, if you're oriented toward corpses, toward children, you know, there are all kinds of perversions, [...] pedophiles or necrophiliacs or what most would say is perverse sexual orientations but the trouble is, we made amendments to eliminate pedophiles from being included in the definition.

To quote an old activist mentor of mine, the late Dee McKellar, I am not surprised.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, shut the HELL up!

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