Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trans People Are Part Of The Diverse Mosaic Of Life

As I've said repeatedly on this blog and will do so until my last minutes on the planet, we are part of the diverse mosaic of life. But this time I'll let some pictures tell the story.

Texas delegate and 2005 IFGE Trinity winner Vanessa Edwards-Foster and Tennessee delegate and 2002 IFGE Trinity winner Dr. Marisa Richmond at the 2008 Democratic National Convention before President Obama's nomination acceptance speech.

Rapper Pam Jones working it on stage

Honduran transwomen protesting for their rights

Classical music artist Tona Brown performing

A transwoman holding a candle at a 2004 West Hollywood, CA TDOR ceremony

Nepali transwomen on the cover of a local magazine

A 2007 TDOR memorial in Jakarta

Transwomen at a West Hollywood job fair

Blogger Pinay TG and friends on a night out in the Philippines

Diana Guerrero and Mario Sanchez on their wedding day in Mexico City

Diego Sanchez on Capitol Hill

Patricia Oliveira working the runway during the 2009 spring Brazil Fashion Week

Japanese politician Aya Kamikawa

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