Thursday, May 02, 2013

Y'all Must Think We're Stupid, Cleveland Plain Dealer

plain dealer building.JPGWhen GLAAD, HRC, a host of other allied LGBT organizations, people in the trans community from Cleveland, Ohio, around the nation and the world tell you that the two transphobic articles you wrote in the Cemia Acoff case are deeply offensive, it would stand to reason that you would at least change them. 

Here we are three days later and the offensive headlines and paragraphs in the two awful hate crime stories penned by John Caniglia are STILL there.

And no, these two stories aren't even close to meeting AP standards for reporting on trans people. If you think Cleveland Plain Dealer we didn't notice the little stunt you pulled, just advising you we transfolks have above average reading comprehension.

And it's why you're getting called out on this in the first place.  

PhotoBloggers by simply talking to people in the Cleveland trans community quickly established that Ms Acoff's name is Cemia.   From that we found pictures on her Facebook page.   Another friend of Cemia's created the RIP Ce Ce graphic that is up on my blog so I don't need to put up the mug shots that you disrespectfully continue to keep up on those two jacked up posts.

And you think we didn't notice you:

* Still have those jacked up titles for both articles
* Still kept the mugshots in both articles
* Still refuse to excise the criminal record that is not germane to the story
* Still are refusing to refer to Cemia as she, with female pronouns or as a transgender female.
* Still refuse to use her chosen name as part of the AP Stylebook guidelines you claim to have followed. 

Digging your heels in and hoping this will blow over is only serving to piss off the Cleveland, Ohio, US and  international trans communities, along with our allies in the United States and around the world.  

With each passing hour you continue to look like transphobic jerks for not doing the right thing and simply making the edits to the stories that will treat Cemia with the dignity that you stripped her of.

And if you think posting at the bottom of the offending article that you 'amended' it to comply with AP Stylebook standards, I have waterfront property along I-10 between Breaux Bridge and Baton Rouge, LA in the Atchafalaya Swamp I'd like to sell you

I could go on, but I'll let Dr. Kelley Winters give you her take on your wastes of bandwith articles.
The barely edited article is not at all within the AP Stylebook guidelines.

It states, "Transgender: Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly."

The language in Caniglia and Corrigan's article is only somewhat more gender neutral and nowhere respectful of Ms. Acoff as a woman who lived, died and publicly identified as a woman (a point the authors sensationalized, regarding her arrest because she affirmed herself as a woman to transit police).

Male pronouns remain in paragraph 3-- one in a quote and another not in a quoted statement. Hormonal transition care is maligned for all transgender and transsexual people as "dangerous drugs." The authors make a point to ridicule the underwear she wore when she died, a humiliation they would never inflict on a person of privilege. Ms. Acoff is described throughout the article as more criminal than her murderer(s).

The authors depict the victim with a mug shot, rather than a respectful photo of the young woman she was ( ).

While sensationalizing her past petty infractions, the authors neglect to mention whether the police have a suspect or are even investigating her death as a murder. This article typifies the victim bashing and stereotyping that so many transgender women, especially trans women of color, suffer in the media. It is a disgrace to journalism.

And hey, Dr. Winters was nice to you.   I called it a 'journalistic hate crime' and stand by what I wrote in light of seeing the 'frack you' half azzed edits you did. 

You can circle the wagons to shield yourselves from the caca storm your articles and disrespect of Ce Ce Acoff touched off all you want, but me
mo to you Cleveland Plain Dealer, John Caniglia and everybody else whose transphobic fingerprints are on this.  We aren't stupid, and the trans community isn't letting up or letting go on this blatant disrepect of a deceased transwoman. 

Neither am I until you address the problems in those articles because it's transpeeps who look like me that are taking the brunt of these hate crime killings along with trans Latinas.

It's fouled up stories like this that create the climate for people to think it's okay to kill transpeople in the first place.

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