Thursday, May 02, 2013

Isaac and Kris Win!

Score one for the karnic wheel quickly working!

Congratulations to the new UH-Downtown student body president and vice president Isaac Valdez and Kristopher Sharp!

Sharp during the campaign was subjected to a vicious smear attack by some fool who has a future in the Texas Republican Party.  Fliers popped up on the UH-D campus disclosing Sharp's medical information on the back and urging students not to vote for the Valdez-Sharp ticket.

Those flyers seemed to have the opposite effect.  It not only pissed off people on campus, it galvanized the Houston LGBT community to help the ticket get elected and donations came pouring in.  The election was held last week with the Valdez-Sharp ticket romping to victory.

Glad to see that reprehensible tactic of using homophobic bigotry to win elections  failed this time and know that Isaac and Kris will be two wonderful student leaders at the head of UH-Downtown's student government ..

Now if they can catch the fool (or fools) who spread those flyers on campus in the first place.

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