Friday, May 08, 2015

Japan's Ministry Of Education Urges Schools To Do More For Trans Students

While some school districts in the United States no thanks to conservafools are moving to oppress trans students, other nations are going in the opposite direction in their education systems.

The Japanese Ministry of Education on April 30 issued a notice to local school boards imploring them to do more for transgender students to reduce their drop out rates.

Many Japanese schools already allow trans students to dress in the uniforms that conform to their expressed gender identity and use the locker rooms and bathrooms of their choice from elementary to the high school level.

The notice not only encourages all schools to do so,but also encourages schools to take steps to accommodate gay and lesbian students.

n a 2012 document, the education ministry urged schools to care for transgender students but stopped short setting out specific measures. Moreover, no mention of sexual minorities was made.
In June 2014, the ministry revealed that schools nationwide had recognized 606 students as transgender, but noted the actual number was probably much higher as LGBTI students often have difficulty coming out.
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Trans students, because of the pressure to conform in Japanese society, drop out of school,  The  Ministry of Education expressed concerns about that, and in 2012 put out a notice encouraging school districts to care for transgender students, but stopped short of recommending specific measures to do so.

In June 2014 the ministry noted that schools had recognized 606 students nationwide as transgender, but surmised that the number of trans students was probably much higher.because of the difficulty of TBLGI students to come out.

Our school districts could learn a lesson from Japan's education system and do the same thing.   They will learn, as Japan has, that if you give trans kids the opportunity to be themselves, they will stay in school, get their education, and thrive personally and academically.

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