Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hillary Talks About Trans Immigrants

I've been asking the question in these TransGriot electronic pages what are Hillary Clinton's stances on trans human rights issues?   Will she not only say the word 'transgender' repeatedly in this 2016 presidential campaign cycle, but if she becomes the Democratic nominee and eventually the POTUS, will she exceed what President Obama has done for transgender Americans?

In her recent campaign stop in Nevada, Clinton was asked a question about an issue that has long been a concern of my trans Latina sisters in terms of what would she do about trans women being housed in immigration detention facilities that don't correspond with their gender presentation.

“I think we have to do more to provide safe environments for vulnerable populations,” she said in answer to that question.  “I don’t think we should, you know, put children and vulnerable people into big detention facilities because I think they are at risk. I think their physical and mental health are at risk,” Clinton said in response to a subsequent question about trans asylum seekers.

She answered she would be in favor of reviewing and changing some of those policies

We now have an indication of where Hillary stands on one issues of importance to trans people.  Where does she stand on the passage of ENDA?   Open trans military service?   A nationwide standard for changing identification without undergoing genital surgery.

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