Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hawaii Passes Bill Removing Genital Surgery Requirement For Birth Certificate Changes

Hawaii is the latest US state to propose the changes.Identity documents that match a trans person's current lives are vital doe multiple reasons.   ID's that have correct name and gender markers are not only wonderful for that person's sense of self and psychic well-being because they are being recognized for who they are, they prevent the trans person in question from being opened up to discrimination

Six states and the District of Columbia have led the way in removing the genital surgery requirement before they would change the gender marker on a trans person's identity documents.

Colorado's attempt to join the states that do so passed the House, but was defeated in the GOP controlled Senate.

Hawaii became the seventh state to do so when the Hawaiian legislature advanced HB 631, a bill that would allow residents of the state to submit a note from a physician or mental health professional instead of undergo a genital surgery. to change birth certificate gender markers.

It passed a key committee hearing April 30, and subsequently passed in the Hawaiian House and Senate on Tuesday.   As usual, the GOP hated on it.

"We're going down a very sketchy path here and in effect doctoring the truth," said GOP Senator Sam Slom. "You're either born a man or a woman and that's the way it is."

Umm no, Sam, you are born an infant, and grow up to become an adult  male or female.  Guess you were asleep in science class that day since you and your GOP friends have such a hard time grasping that concept. 

Attorney and Equality Hawaii parent advocate Rebecca Copeland had a different take on the just passed bill. 

"It's the lack of recognition in society that really hurts people," Copeland said. "When people look at it and it doesn't reflect who they are it can really have devastating consequences."

The bill now goes to Gov. David Ige (D) for his signature.

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