Monday, July 25, 2011

Still Not Happy About The Trans Free NAACP Town Hall Meeting.

If you think that the passage of time has lessened my pissivity over the NAACP's trans free LG(bt) Town Hall that will be taking place at 2 PM PDT today, nope it didn't.

And their repeated deletion of this comment from their FB page made me even madder.

NAACP, if your goal is to have a serious discussion of the issues that face African American LGBT people, then you can't erase trans people,
the folks who are taking the brunt of the casualties and discrimination, from the July 25 discussion due to no African descended trans people sitting on that panel.
Note to NAACP...I have a blog that a lot of people read...big mistake   And I'm not the only transperson of African descent pissed about your GL(bt) panel either   Our allies are standing in solidarity with us.  Kat at ENDAblog also has some choice words about it as well. 

Yeh – and black T people share a common history (one that they have in common with Ts of all colors) of continuing to struggle against being fucked over by non-T Gs and Ls of all colors.

Yep, sad but true.  

And it took them several hours, but the Advocate, that paragon of GL journalism stenography finally credited me for the quote they borrowed for their article on the festering NAACP controversy, but took their sweet time doing it.   

I found out about it just before I went on air on TransFM at 7 PM CDT yesterday to talk about the erasure from the NAACP panel.   It still hadn't been corrected when I went to bed at 1:00 AM CDT

I'll still be interested to watch this sham town hall meeting and see how many times they mention the T-word and appropriate our stories without a representative of our community being there.

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