Saturday, July 09, 2011

Germans Whacked In Wolfsburg

We also don't get the Germans until the final assuming they don't get upset between now and July 17.

Can I call it or what?  I watched the England vs France and Japan vs Germany FIFA Women's World Cup quarterfinal matchups today    I feel for the Brits losing in a shootout, but definitely feel the German supporters pain right now.   

The Germans are the host nation, the back to back FIFA world champs and were prohibitively favored to take a third straight title.   The last time the Germans lost a match in Women's World Cup play was a 3-2 quarterfinal loss to the USA 12 years ago and Japan had never beaten them. 

Until today.   This loss also hurt for the Germans because this tournament was serving for the European teams as a qualifier for the 2012 Olympic women's football tournament.   Hope Powell's Three Lionesses are already in because England is the host nation.

Japan going into this match was 0-8-1 against European squads but is also the FIFA number 4 ranked women's team in the world.   They aren't any football slouches and the law of averages was going to break their way sooner or later just like it did a few days ago with Sweden against the USA.    

The USA and the Germans have had a wonderful run in World Cup and other international women's football competition but sooner or later the teams you beat on a regular basis because they got a late start will catch up to you talent wise.  If you're not on your 'A' game and they have enough talent, a solid game plan and execute it flawlessly you're going down.   .

Japan's not the FIFA number 4 ranked team for nothing and they proved it today.   And as much as I'd like to see the USA continue its dominance of women's international football, at the same time more competitive balance and making us work for those titles is good for the game   

Shoot with that being said, hope Team USA handles their business with Brazil tomorrow.

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