Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bring It On Ubermenschen

It's on ubermenschen.   From the WWBT's  Too Much Nonsense


We are coordinated. We act. We respond. And, we do so consistently, persistently, and reasonably. Our group is growing and we've succeeded in shutting down threads spouting TG [transgender] non-sense... To us, rewriting GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] as GLBT/TS is just a further manifestation of transgender…and is no revision whatsoever.

Any type of political association to transgender…is transgender.

Any defense of transgender strategy…is transgender.

Any alliance whatsoever, on any plane, at any level with the transgender…is transgender.

Any compromise with regard to the transgender…is transgender.

The friend of our adversary…is our adversary.

Our adversary is not our ally…and we certainly know who our adversaries are.


Yeah, reich.   As you probably figured out, I'm not going to shut up about you tragically misguided people..

Jack Molay of the Crossdreamers blog observed,  "Not only do some of these CT ('classic transsexuals') activists resent any association with the hated transgender (or the LGBT movement for that matter) they also systematically trawl web conversations in order to make their adversaries shut up.

Thanks Too Much Nonsense for revealing you electronic brownshirts jacked up strategy, but ho hum, it's a tactic I've already recognized that comes from battling the conservafool movement:. Demonizing your opponent and making up an external enemy to organize and rally your small fanatical minions around.

That's so 1930's and reminiscent of a failed European dictatorship.     

I know who my adversaries are as well.   WWBT's.   White Women Born Transsexual.   A cadre of latte sipping white transwomen who pine for their lost WMP, think genitalia = gender identity and are pissed after spending all that money to get SRS are still getting 'sirred' wherever they go. 

They want to blame somebody for their lack of status on this side of the gender fence and their ire that they don't have vanilla scented juice equivalent to what they left behind falls on the Tee Gees, the crossdressers, and Gay, Inc.   They blame those peeps for the 'oppression' they face that keeps them from reaching the glorious heights they are destined for as exclusive members of the Transsexual Master Race. 

Unlike the rest of the trans community who may be running 'scurred' of y'all or are blind to your true racist, exclusionary bull feces, I and others in this community didn't fall for your crap wrapped in radical feminist hate speech and don't fear your cognitively challenged fugly behinds.

And fools is the operative word for you.  I was content to live my life, work on my award winning blog, stand up for this community's civil rights, collect an award here and there, occasionally put you WWBT's on blast and go back to ignoring your self-hating vanilla privileged intellectually deficient anuses until y'all stepped to me.

Since y'all got my attention and declared me as one of your 'enemies', it's on like Donkey Kong ubermenschen.

And I have a message for the rest of the community who is sitting on the sidelines as these loud and wrong traitorous self haters continue to attack this community and people who stand up to their cyber brownshirt tactics. 

Instead of coddling their sorry vanilla privileged late transitioning Medusaesque azzes, when are we folks who are under verbal assault by them for standing up to their behinds going to see the rest of you so called mainstream white trans leaders stand up and call these fools out on a regular basis?

If Toni, Autumn, Marti, Cristan and I can repeatedly call these peeps out and debunk their lies, where are the rest of you?

Your silence is tacit acceptance of their hateful diatribes aimed at other transpeople who aren't reeking of vanilla scented privilege and is not an option anymore.

H/T Crossdreamers

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