Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Upcoming MAGNET Panel Discussion On Negative Trans Media Images

MAGNET (Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People) organizer Ashley Love is announcing that on Thursday, July 15, 2010 there will be a panel discussion in Los Angeles entitled Women Demanding Change Now: The Dehumanizing Misrepresentation of Transsexual Women through the Gay Male Media Mafia Lens.

The final venue location has yet to be determined, but the time has already been set. It will run from 7:00 PM PDT - 9:30 PM PDT and will be in either the Hollywood or West Hollywood Area.

You can monitor the MAGNET blog for details, and as I get updated information I'll post it to TransGriot for those of you interested in either attending the event o participating in it.

MAGNET is planning to film it as well, so if you are security conscious, just letting y'all know ahead of time what's gonna happen.

Some of the topics being discussed at this event will include:

• Finding solutions to build authentic unity and trust within LGBT community
• Spiritual/mental/physical violence incited by messages in film and TV
• Gay males producing stigmatizing, over the top and unkind images of transsexual women
• Gay Inc. and some transgender activists co-opting the medical condition transsexualism
• Inaccurately depicting transsexual women as “drag queens”, “caricatures of femininity”
• Countering propaganda, objectification and miseducation assaulting transsexual women

MAGNET plans to allow time during this panel discussion for the audience to ask the panelists questions.

As of today, four panelists have been confirmed:

Kiana Moore (transsexual woman, Hollywood producer- VH1, MTV, Bravo, Oxygen, Logo)--
Arianna Davis (trans & intersex- Founder of Gender ID Empowerment Coalition)
Cary Harrison (gay male, Radio personality, award winning journalist)
Amanda McMurray (LGBT activist, writer, MAGNET's San Francisco Director)

MAGNET is seeking to make the array of opinions and thoughts on the topic as broad as possible, and is particularly interested in having media or entertainment LGBT/ally professionals, teachers, LGBT or feminist activists participate.

If you have some suggestions as to persons who would make excellent panelists for this discussion, email MAGNET at magnet_right_now@yahoo.com.

More details to come on the other participation panelists and venue.

MAGNET is also seeking the opinions of people who aren't in the LA metro area on the panel discussion topic to include them in the discussion.

You can send those comments to MAGNET at:


MAGNET is an anti-defamation organization dedicated to educating the media about transsexual and transgender issues, as well as pushing for more authentic and positive portrayals of trans people in the media.

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