Monday, July 12, 2010

All Trans Cast Film 'Bella Maddo' Premieres At Outfest 2010

One of the things the trans community has long complained about is having cispeople playing trans roles in films and not getting the opportunity to do the reverse.

Now we have a groundbreaking film that not only features an all trans cast of men, women and children, they have flipped the casting script and the trans actors are all playing non trans roles.

"There are very limited roles for transgender actors in film and television," stated Bella Maddo' director Janice Danielle. "By making this film I am hoping to expand acting opportunities and increase the visibility of the trans community."

The short film by Danielle is called 'Bella Maddo' and it opened last night at the 28th annual Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

"We are proud to premiere this witty, entertaining and ultimately ground-breaking film," said Outfest Executive Director Kirsten Schaffer. "Bella Maddo really demonstrates Janice Danielle's range as both an actor and a director."

"Bella Maddo" has appeared at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 in the Short Film Corner and is currently in development as a six part mini-series.

Some of the notable people in the all trans cast is my sis Isis King and transkid Miss Jazz from the Barbara Walters 20/20 report on trans children.

It premiered at Outfest last night and will run again July 15th as part of the comedy shorts program called "From Uranus to Titicaca". It will be part of a July 17th special event called "Transpolitics Then and Now: from Queens at Heart to Bella Maddo."

Outfest 2010 started July 8 and will continue through July 18.

Looking forward to seeing the film and hopefully the miniseries.

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Jason Howard Green said...

This looks terrific. Unfortunately there aren't many outlets for people to watch shortfilms. Hopefully this will be available on Logo soon. I would love to see it.