Monday, July 19, 2010

Sarah Palin's A Conservaidiot!

The right wing and Tea Klux Klan's favorite self proclaimed feminist was on the attack against the NAACP last week. Her beloved teabagging 'Real American' peeps got called out in a resolution voted on at last weeks NAACP convention in Kansas City.

Caribou Barbie's response was to go on Faux News and call on 'half-white' President Obama to 'refudiate' the NAACP resolution.

Yo Miss Right Wing Thang, 'refudiate' isn't even in the dictionary, much less doesn't exist for those of us who have an 'ejumacation' as a word.

She's now trying to spin it by saying she created a new word, and compare herself to Shakespeare at the same time.

That sound you hear coming from England is William Shakespeare turning over in his grave.

Please. I'm skeptical that somebody who went to five colleges to get a journalism degree is clever enough to do that.

But I do have a word I've been using on TransGriot that perfectly describes you and many of your followers, and it isn't 'racist', although that word does apply to you and it's in the dictionary.

Nope, my created word to describe you is 'Conservaidiot.'

Conservative + idiot = conservaidiot.

Come to think of it, it applies to a host of people in the right wing as well besides you.

It also reminds me of a comment I would say to people that tried to fake intelligence when they clearly were out of their intellectual league.

'Those of you who think you're intelligent, really annoy those of us who are.'

'Refudiate' that

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