Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nikki Araguz Update 5 -Sounds Like Somebody's Bitter

'TransGriot peeps, thought I'd post one of the comments I received a few days ago that got caught in my spam filter. This one is courtesy of someone calling herself 'Cowgirl'.


well, I am sure Nikki knew the laws in TX when she took her marriage vows. So, she should not be surprised and heartbroken now. If, in fact, her "husband" knew she was transseuxal and he knew the law then he could have drawn up a will that would leave a specific amount to "Nikki".

My ex husband left me and the kids to be a "woman" financially devistating his family. The real victims are the children and mislead spouses. It's funny, among the trans-community there is not one soul that thinks perhaps the ex wife needs that money to care for those children and to pay for college for them. It's only $500K. I know exactly how fast my ex would blow through that money...He'd have a wild time at Victoria's Secret to say the least.


"Cowgirl", your transphobic slip is showing.

Judging by your commentary, you're not only bitter, I doubt that you know the Texas laws covering marriage. If you're talking about that odious marriage amendment that was hastily cobbled together by GOP legislative haters, there a question about whether ANYBODY in Texas is legally able to get married since the 2005 passage of the 'hate on same gender couples amendment' to the Texas Constitution.

Funny, I love it when you right wing people are quick to use children as your human shields to be as nasty, judgmental and hateful to people you don't like, including your exes.

'Cowgirl', what happened between you and your ex is just that. Drama that happened between you and your ex. It doesn't apply to all people who find themselves married to a transitioning trans partner with kids.

Unless you have ESP, you have no idea what Nikki knew about Texas marriage laws or what Thomas Araguz III knew (or didn't know) about the configuration of the genitalia between Nikki's legs.

The one thing we can definitely say is that Thomas Araguz III loved her enough to marry her in 2008.

You never know what people like to do or what turns them on sexually once that bedroom door is closed. Nor is it yours, mine or anybody else's business in Wharton, the state of Texas, the United States or this planet to know.

When you make an ASS out of...Well, you get the point.

I'd also like to point out that one of the last things any relatively healthy twenty, thirty or forty something person is thinking about is drawing up a will.

Just ask Anna Nicole Smith's family.

But people, this is a small sample of the transhate and ignorance that this case has and sadly will continue to draw. Unfortunately it's only going to get worse before we see the light at the end of the tunnel for it.

Nikki does have a Facebook page, so send her some love and let her know her trans brothers and sisters and supportive cis allies around the world are lifting her up in love, prayer and support.

The Transgender Foundation of America is collecting funds to help Nikki and support the case. If y'all can spare a dollar, $5, $10, $20 or whatever to help support the case, that's all good as well.

Speaking of prayer, let's just hope and pray the Araguz care is the nail in the coffin for Littleton and it isn't another 18-wheel adverse legal ruling truck barreling down on us.

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