Monday, July 05, 2010

About Damned Time Y'all Direct Your Hateraid To The Source

Every now and then I get a post comment that compels me to respond to it.

This one from Marlene was in response to a July 24, 2009 post I wrote called About Damned Time II that referred to my sis Isis' appearance on a Larry King show about trans issues.

My only beef with Isis is she got her surgery for the simple fact she passes well and was on the show. When will those of us in the majority (poor, a bit overweight, and can't pass even at the bottom of a cave) get our shot at $20k in free surgeries?

And I have to ask, why are you hatin' on Isis? She has no control over the fact that she came out of the birth canal with a combination of features that makes her strikingly beautiful.

That's life.

In addition, Isis busted her ass to get through school, has mad talent in terms of being a fashion designer, and caught a major break by being in the right place at the right time that led to her history making appearance on Cycle 11's America's Next Top Model.

So Tyra Banks paid for her SRS. That ain't nothing to be mad at her for.

Who you need to be directing your anger at is Janice Raymond. She's the one who colluded with Jesse Helms in 1981 to kill our ability to use the Medicaid and Medicare systems that our trans tax dollars pay for to fund our SRS.

That happened three years before Isis even arrived on the planet.

You need to be pissed at Mary Daly, Germaine Greer, Catherine MacKinnon, Robin Morgan, Sheila Jeffreys and other radical feminists for pimping that 'hate on transwomen' tripe that new school radfem hater Julie Bindel is now disgustingly co-signing in her baseless screeds.

As for when will the feds finance SRS for the rest of us who don't have long green in our pockets, aren't blessed with supermodel physiques, or moneyed benefactors who pay for it, that's why many of you needed to be screaming at your congressmembers last summer when health care was being debated instead of sitting on the sidelines saying 'that's not a trans issue'.

We all need universal single payer health care. If you are upset because you can't pay for SRS, your voice needed to be front and center in that debate instead of the teabaggers.

Not directed at being pissed at Isis because she got hers.

It also needs to be directed at the inside the beltway organization that purports to represent you at the national level as well, not scapegoating a 25 year old woman who didn't create the problem you're shunting the blame at her for.

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Cassandra said...

Amen, sister!