Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proud Member Of ABW Sorority, Inc.

So what does ABW stand for?

Besides being the name of a wonderful thought provoking blog, ABW is the abbreviation for one of the sobriquets that is hurled at me or any other sistah by YT that dares call out whiteness, tell the truth about the unfairness inherent in the current system or talk about about how it affects our lives or simply expresses an opinion that runs counter to prevailing groupthink.

Angry Black Woman.

Well, if that's the case, consider me a proud dues paying member of the Angry Black Women Sorority, Inc. Lambda Lambda Lambda chapter.

You can consider me the president of the Lambda Lambda Lambda chapter and I pledged during the Spring 1994 semester.

Now as a member of Angry Black Women Sorority, Incorporated I received when I went over love of myself and every millimeter of my fine brown curves, reminders that we come in twenty plus variations of skin color that range from vanilla creme to ebony black and the wide and creative variety of hairstyles we wear.

We're also taught during our pledge period love for my sisters and our people, and pride in my people's history and accomplishments.

That pride in my people's history and accomplishments does not translate to 'I hate white people' rhetoric because you are uncomfortable with me pointing out some harsh truths about our contentious history in the Americas and across the Diaspora with whiteness.

As the president of Lambda Lambda Lambda chapter I have to deal with the racist attitudes within the GLBT community that cause friction and impede us from working together to vanquish the anti-GLBT Forces of Intolerance.

I have to constantly point out that transwomen of African descent exist. We have been and will continue to be thoughtful, stereotype busting creative leaders inside and outside the various communities we intersect with.

That point also has to be forcefully made at times within the African American family as well.

We ABW members point out that the feminine journey for a Black woman has special complication thanks to being considered the 'unwoman' and centuries of negative propaganda aimed at her. Our service projects are designed to uplift her and the race at the same time.

It's past time y'all stopped listening to christopimps in $1000 suits who are doing the bidding of white fundamentalists in injecting poisonous 'hate the gays' rhetoric in our community.

Y'all need to recognize and realize that we are and will always be just as Black as you are.

And it's my job and other ABW sorors to ensure you never forget that and to ensure that you treat all chocolate flavored sisters, trans, gay or cis with respect and dignity.

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