Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Going Home For The Holidays

You TransGriot readers know that over the last three months I've been to Philadelphia and Long Island with another trip coming in March to upstate New York.

But this next trip is one I'm really looking forward to.

Thanks to my early Christmas gift from Polar and Dawn, I'm going home for Christmas.

For the first time since 2005 I'll be back in the Houston city limits, and for the first time since 2000 I'll be eating Christmas dinner with my blood family.

This time Greyhound will be doing the 1000 miles of driving down there and back. There's nonstop air service out of Da Vile to Houston but as you probably guessed, the fares were too high.

Either way, it's been a while since I've been back home. The July 2005 trip was for my brother's wedding. I took a few days off from work, rented a car and drove 2000 miles solo round trip through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi before hooking up with I-10 in Louisiana to what turned out to be a less than pleasant three day weekend for me.

There was drama that transpired a few hours after I arrived in H-town that I had to call people out on up to and including my brother, my new sister-in-law and the parental units. That trip also took place a few weeks before Katrina whacked New Orleans as well

But just like my 2005 trip, it's coming at a time when I've been homesick and really needed a change of scenery. I'm hoping the weather is relatively nice during the week I'm there and running around town.

It's also coming at a crossroads time in my life as well.

I'll have 23 hours to do some hard solid thinking about that. I'm just ready to go home, visit my family and friends and see what's transpired in the Bayou City since I left.

And there's some Creole seasoned chicken on Scott Street calling my name as well.

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