Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If You WWBT's Hate Trans People So Much....

Why do you slither around our blogs and our blogosphere?

Aren't you better than the rest of us mere transwomen because you possess bought and paid for by any means necessary neocoochies?

So why hang around people you consider less than equal since you are 'True Transsexuals' or whatever bullshit du jour you're peddling this month to make yourselves feel superior?

I could care less about the fact y'all consider me, Autumn Sandeen, Monica Helms and anybody else that calls out your BS on a regular basis your 'enemy' and rag us consistently on your negative ten ranked Technorati blogs.

As a matter of fact I consider it an honor y'all spend so much time doing so and continue to make asses of yourselves posting your negativity everywhere I guest post just like you did last summer on Feministe.

By the way WWBT's, pick up a sociology textbook before you try to tangle with me next time.

Racism=prejudice plus power is something that every freshman sociology student knows, but y'all WWBT's don't.

Y'all sound like a broken record calling me a 'racist' every chance y'all get and you need to stop the conservative projection tactics because they are failing miserably. Give it up trying to tar and feather me with the brush that y'all so richly earned.

I'm proud of the fact that my friends and associates cover a wide spectrum of humanity and everyone who has the pleasure of getting to know me is well aware of that.

And nope, I'd have to care about you WWBT's to hate you. I pity the fools you are and just laugh at you nattering nabobs of WWBT negativity.

I'm just living my life while you spew your self hatred and BS venom about how transpeople are 'oppressing' you.

One of the things I've noticed is that the self proclaimed 'passable' and 'assimilated' WWBT's don't have photos of themselves or their claimed interactions with the world on their blogs while there are thousands of trans ones that do.

I know WWBT's that are too scared to even step out their front doors and interact with the world, but have the nerve to part their lips and hate on me and 'errbody' else that has no problem doing so.

Can't help the fact you're chomping Hater Tots because I and other transwomen are doing thangs, making history, forming lasting friendships with women cis and trans, having substantive conversations, educating people, building coalitions, forging working partnerships with a wide variety of people while you're sitting in your WWBT amen corner sipping lattes and ranting about how you hate the latest award winning posts or exploits of Roberts, Sandeen, Helms and others you WWBT's despise.

If y'all hate on me, I'm dong something right, so keep chomping those Hater Tots and drinking the vanilla creme flavored Hateraid Fierce from those 55 gallon drums.

You hate me 'cause you wanna emulate me.

The ciswomen that you claim to have the respect of don't like you either. They see you as the clueless privilege clutching anuses some of you are.

The problem with many of you WWBT's and why you're reviled in trans circles is that you self haters are still using the same disco-era rad fem dogma to attack transpeople, you never miss a chance like you did during the recent Ronald Gold dustup on Bilerico to stab us in the back and you have assimilated the same bogus genitalia=gender ID argument our right wing oppressors use to attack ALL of us.

Hmm...makes me wonder who y'all voted for in the last presidential election cycle.

News flash for y'all: Reasonable people and science increasingly points out that gender ID is between your ears, not your legs.

I proudly identify as an African descended transwoman and I'm far more comfortable in fashion forward clothing and heels, not t-shirts and Birkenstocks.

You WWBT's obsessive-compulsive need to attack transpeople or pile on in comment threads with your reprehensible dogma tells me that you still have issues beyond the gender ones you didn't work out in therapy.

You need Jesus as well.

If you are the women you constantly claim you are, as we say in the African-American community, 'bring it, don't sing it'.

Because the notes you WWBT's have sung for the last decade have been repetitively sour, racist, exclusionary ones that peeps are sick of hearing, be they cis or trans.

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eileen said...

LOL@ neocoochies. You tell em Monica!