Thursday, December 10, 2009

1 Million Visitors!

Been anxiously awaiting passing this significant blogging milestone all day and it has finally happened.

At 3:55 PM EST today I had the honor and pleasure of the 1 millionth visitor surf over to my humble blog since I installed the hit counter on January 17, 2007.

Thanks to all of you loyal TransGriot readers who take the time out of your busy day around the world to surf by my cyberhome and check it out.

Some of you have told a friend or multiple friends about TransGriot, and that's all good in the cyberhood as well.

Some of you even drop comments from time to time as well and I thank you for it while others have hit the donate button on the sidebar and show their love and respect for what I do that way.

But I couldn't end this milestone post without saying this.

If it weren't for you wonderful people visiting on a regular basis, I'd be just another blog in the cyber wilderness.

Thank you, and now it's on to the next milestone

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