Sunday, December 13, 2009

Congrats Jo!

Annise's race wasn't the only one I was watching from 1000 miles away last night. I was also keeping an eye on the City Council reelection campaign of my UH classmate Jolanda Jones.

Some Hateraid got thrown at her at the last minute in this one by the city council conservafools. Five of her colleagues waited until late in the race to declare their support for conservative Jack Christie.

Councilmember Jones, as someone who grew up in public housing, has been vocal in standing up for the rights of people living in Houston's public housing and rooting out waste and fraud in the department. She's also calling out the racism and sexism at the Houston Fire Department, and the conservafools tried to paint her as 'racist' for doing so.

As usual, any Black woman who doesn't take any crap from the powers that be, stands tall and stands up for herself and the little guy and looks good doing it is problematic and 'racist' in their minds.

Despite their last minute politricks, Councilwoman Jones won by 1700 votes in her runoff to retain her at-large city council seat.

“The voters spoke,” Jones said Saturday night. “I won. All that's really required is to win by one vote.”

And they'll have to deal with Jo on the city council for another two years.

Congratulations my Cougar sister. Eat 'em up!

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