Monday, December 21, 2009

It Ain't 'Deception'- We're Living Our Lives

One of the memes I'm beyond sick and tired of that gets pimped and hurled at us by the Forces of Intolerance and others is this 'deception' one.

That's bull feces. How is a transwoman openly living her life and minding her own damned business 'deceiving' someone?

If me and my sisters are out and about doing thangs, shopping, talking to our cis or trans girlfriends, having a good time and you're checking us out, it's all good.

We transwomen are under no obligation to walk around with a scarlet 'T' on our clothing or reveal our status to you or anybody else until you either ask us for a date or are suggesting intimate coupling with us while on that date.

Once you do, we're in a Catch 22 situation either way.

If we tell you and you start tripping, we are quite aware of the fact that the reaction to what we just told you about our background can range from a loud, disrespectful verbal rebuke to a physical beatdown or murder.

If for some reason we escape that, then we have to deal with the fact you will create a virtual scarlet 'T' for us by running and telling every dude we potentially want to hook up with our business. And if you're feeling especially spiteful, you'll flap your gums to a few jealous ciswomen who will do the rest of your 'scarlet trans' handiwork for you.

But as you run and tell this transwoman's business, bear in mind you and your cohorts may have initiated a chain of events that sets the transwoman in question up for a hate crime or worse if the wrong person gets wind of that information.

So no, transwomen aren't running around in the dating scene wanting to 'trick' cis men as the urban legends about us go. We're in the dating scene for the same reasons you are, looking for love and companionship.

Trust me, before we go out, we've contemplated long and hard about the potential dangerous consequences. There is no way we transwomen are going to play games that can result in us getting killed or severely injured.

As long as I am writing TransGriot, I can't stress this point enough. Transwomen are women who happened to be born in masculine bodies, not 'men in dresses'. That means me and my trans sisters being and becoming the phenomenal women we are is not in any way 'deceiving' society as our detractors disrespectfully and erroneously put it.

It took a lot of prayerful self examination, inner fortitude, counseling, and ongoing real life experience to put us on the path of getting our bodies to match our feminine spirits.

We are being honest with ourselves and living our lives. Not our fault the estrogen worked to make us look good as well while doing so and you want to get with us.

You call it 'deceptive' because you're having a problem processing the fact you were feeling the positive vibe and aura that particular transwoman was broadcasting to the world because she's finally happy with herself, and you were intrigued enough by it to step to her.

But this meme about transwomen 'deceiving' people is so 20th century and really needs to die.

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