Friday, December 04, 2009

Back To Back Houston Snow?- Get Outta Here!

Wow, what's going on weather wise back home? Last year I posted about Houston getting early snow in December.

In 2004 they got whacked with a Christmas Eve snowstorm that dropped significant amounts of snow all along the Gulf Coast from northeastern Mexico to as far east as New Orleans. It gave my hometown its first White Christmas in its history.

Today H-Town is expecting 1-3 inches, and the ironic thing is that Hobby Airport, which is on the south side of town near where I grew up may get more accumulated snow than IAH, which is on the far north side of town.

It is not only the earliest date we've ever had snow in Houston history, it's the first time ever its occurred in back to back years.

They are already releasing the kids out of school in the area according to reports on The Weather Channel.

I know my niece is loving it ;)

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