Saturday, December 12, 2009

Historic Runoff Election In H-town

I'm still anxiously keeping watch on an election transpiring today in my hometown that will result in us either having our second African American mayor or our second female mayor. I'm also anxiously watching the race between my UH classmate Jolanda Jones and her GOP opponent.

As I've been mentioning ever since she filed to run for mayor, I'm well aware of Annise Parker's activism on behalf of the community and her service to it as an at large councilmember and city controller.

I'm hoping that she gets elevated to the mayor's chair today. It's in the hands of the voters now and has been since 7 AM CST.

There have been a lot of dedicated people who have worked hard to make it happen, and I hope the voters will see through the right wing smears and make her our next mayor.

She had this to say in a recent Bilerico Project interview about my hometown, but it's something I already knew.

I think people misunderstand Texas, and I think people misunderstand Houston as well. Houston is an amazing, international city. We are ethnically and racially the most diverse city in the United States, closely paired to New York City. If you look at what drives the economy, we are the world's largest medical center, largest port in the United States, huge high-tech NASA and aerospace presence, all four sectors are tied into the world.

If you go anywhere in the world and say Houston, people have an image of a modern, progressive, bustling city. If you go to the east or west coast, somehow the image is very different. The fact that I am the front-running candidate for Mayor of Houston, and view myself as an activist, Houston is a place where you look at what you can do and bring to the table more than who you are.

I've been successful with a direct style of speaking to the voters of dealing with issues. Houston would surprise people. We are not a redneck wasteland. We are a modern progressive city with a very independent streak. I love my hometown and I absolutely believe in the people of Houston and their willingness to embrace change and tackle problems together.

We'll find out after the polls close at 7 PM CST if Annise not only becomes our second female mayor, but the first open lesbian to helm a major US city.

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