Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Transwoman Trying To 'Make His Band'

As a writer I love shows that have well written scripts, compelling storylines and great acting. I like dramas, I love soaps but I'm not a fan of reality TV shows as many of you longtime TransGriot readers know.

I must have a compelling reason to watch ANY reality TV show because I consider them that much of a waste of my time and the television airwaves.

However, thanks to Zoe Renee at Not Your Typical Girl making me aware of it, I now have a reason to check out Diddy's latest reality offering, Making His Band.

Her name is Jaila Simms, and she's a transsistah from Chicago appearing on the show trying to 'make the band' for Diddy's upcoming 2010 tour.

It is so cool that another transsistah is trying to make her dreams come true. It's also neat that once again a Black transwoman gets some air time, even if the pronoun usage is problematic at best.

Best of luck to Jaila, and I'll be tuned in to see if it happens for her.

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chiefbroad said...

I know this is an older post, but just wanted to say how happy I am that Jaila made the band! She was one of only two background singers Diddy picked (out of 5 or 6). I still take issue with how she was talked about earlier in the audition process, but my girl was always confident and proud. And so talented!!

I thought it was so cool that they also gave her the last line on the final episode of the show. The producers used her talking head interviews a lot, because she is so charismatic and funny.