Monday, July 13, 2009

Standing With Justice Sotomayor

In addition to Dwight DeLee's trial starting today in Syracuse, most of the media's unblinking eye will be focused inside the Beltway.

The confirmation hearings of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court will be starting today.

Of course, you know I'm in favor of more diversity on the Supreme Court besides white male conservatives.

And yeah, I count Clarence Thomas as part of the white male conservatives. Uncle Thomas was declared by Pat Buchanan as an 'honorary white man' so y'all can have his sellout behind.

I'm hoping that before President Obama is done he gets to nominate an Asian justice and an African-American woman to counteract Clarence Thomas' self hatred.

The Republicans have been ironing their white sheets over the last few weeks and trying to paint a distorted picture of this eminently qualified nominee.

As usual when it comes to the GOP, they subscribe to the propaganda principles of the master Joseph Goebbels.

Tell a big lie long enough so it becomes the truth.

The truth is that Judge Sotomayor is far more qualified for the court than many of the current justices seated there. She's also served as a prosecutor at the district court level as well.

There will be an interesting side note to this developing drama. Newly sworn in Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) will get his first taste of the national spotlight as the newest member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We'll also have to stay tuned to see just how far the GOP goes in terms of the race baiting that will surely ensue. They are in the no win position of having their rabid base demanding a nasty fight and alienating Latino voters more than they already have.

So political junkies, grab the popcorn and get ready. The latest chapter of 'As The Beltway Turns' is about to hit the air.

But the end result of it will hopefully be we liberal/progressives seeing Judge Sotomayor's smiling face in the Supreme Court group photo on October 5.

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