Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thanks Tweeps!

Wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the tweeps who had my back in my unexpected Internet wrestling match with the Food Humorless Blog.

The ironic thing was I didn't realize how much of a storm it created until I got that threatening e-mail from the webmaster of the blog.

All I did was simply call them out for disrespecting Sonia Williams, and it became a major Twitter event.

What happened was I slammed the site for putting up a disrespectful thread straight up calling Ms. Williams a transvestite. The comment threads were even worse repositories of transphobia and racism characterizations of the beauty of Black women.

I was given a heads up on it by one of my readers, left my comments in the comment thread on the blog, wrote the piece on TransGriot slamming it, then took a nap.

I check my e-mail a few hours later to see the nastygram from The Pophangover webmaster.

I'm on Twitter, but I didn't check it for several hours until most of the controversy had simmered down.

But, once again, thanks for demonstrating the power of online activism, even to the TransGriot.

It's nice to know that when I take on peeps who have stepped beyond the valley of civic decency, many of you are watching my electronic back.

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