Thursday, July 02, 2009

Justice For Teish Update

We are counting down to the July 13 start date for the trial of Dwight DeLee, the alleged killer of Lateisha Green.

Since the media ain't doing it, with the help of my trans brothers and trans sisters, allies, and fellow bloggers, I'll do my best on TransGriot to try to keep you informed and updated about the developments in the upcoming DeLee trial.

I had this post last month jump starting it, but my game plan is to do more frequent updates from now until the end of the trial.

Bear in mind that I'm a long way from Syracuse, NY, so if you live in the area, help a sistah out. Help us shine a glaring spotlight on the case and generate buzz so it gets covered properly. Shoot me an e-mail reporting what's going on from time to time. You might catch something I miss, especially since you live in the area.

July 2 News

Got an e-mail from Gina stating that the Justice For Teish site on Facebook has now garnered 1,000 members. However, the site for Angie had 5,000 members at the same time period, and there's been a huge disparity in the media coverage vis-a-vis the two trials.

I'm having conversations with peeps at GLAAD and will be attempting to get in contact with people at TruTv to get them to cover his trial.

Far too many of the victims of anti-trans violence happen to share my ethnic background and far too often their killers are other African-Americans who either get away with it or get a legal slap on the wrist.

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