Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Renee's Birthday Weekend Edition

In honor of my homegirl Renee celebrating another anniversary of her 30th birthday July 11, this week's edition of the Shut Up Fool! Awards is dedicated to her.

May your family at least let you chow down on some of the Timbits you get to celebrate this auspicious occasion along with your fave Timmy's Icecap.

Speaking of celebrations, time to see what fool (or fools) we will shine a spotlight on this week.

Well, this week it's one of my fave sellout ministers, homohater Ken Hutcherson.

He along with his fellow Lo Impact Misleadership Coalition ministers are on my caca list already, but Kenny Boy is in the running for a Shut Up Fool! Lifetime Achievement Award as well.

He played too much NFL football with his helmet off for the Seattle Seahawks and is now running a hate megachurch in the Seattle area.

He earns the award this week for a comment I read in a recent Pam's House Blend post.

It was his commentary about last week's White House GLBT reception, and in his not so infinite wisdom the prez isn't carrying the Ken Hutcherson 'Black Like Me' seal of approval.

"But I guess we...have to ask, 'Even though he is black because his father was, what is his "black experience"?' He doesn't have any. He was raised by a white mother and a white grandmother, so this man has about as much black experience as my Doberman Pinscher -- and I guarantee [that] my Doberman Pinscher doesn't have any," he points out. "There is nothing, nothing that compares between what the Afro-Americans went through and what homosexuals are going through now."

"A person can be as black as a piece of coal, [but] if he goes against God's biblical views, I would not support him, I would not endorse him, I would not even give a smile in his direction so people could even think that I endorse him," he states, "because God is my God, the Bible is my playbook, and I run it the way it is written."

You mean like Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes and you Ken?

Y'all are dark chocolate 'brothers' who do the bidding of your vanilla massas with sickening regularity.

Oh yeah, that 'ain't Black enough' shade hurled at President Obama is so 2008.

Ken Hutcherson, shut up fool!

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