Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DeLee Trial Day 2

TLDEF's legal intern Laura Vogel is blogging about the trial developments. Since she's there in the courtroom and can give you a sense of what's happening better than I can from over 800 miles away in Syracuse, I'll send you to her blog post about today's courtroom events.

Video has surfaced as well from the memorial service for Teish that happened last Saturday.

I'm also a little irritated over the fact that TruTV (so far) isn't covering this trial at all. Speaks to the fact that once again, a Black person's life doesn't mean squat and a Black transperson's is even less valued.

Granted, the Sotomayor confirmation hearings are going on, but hell, if you can tear yourself away from the Sotomayor hearing to cover a Girl Scout Murder trial, surely you have hours in your programing day to cover this trial.

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