Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Moni's Computer's Down Edition

As some of you are aware, the motherboard on my computer died last Friday. I've been suffering from computer withdrawal and lack of interconnectedness with the Net.

I've also missed the everyday conversations and interactions I have with various people on the blog, Twitter and friends around the world.

My computer tech Polar is working to get me back online as quickly as possible. In the interim, he's kindly loaned me his laptop so that I can get back to my ongoing TransGriot mission of kicking knowledge to y'all about all things trans and otherwise.

Speaking of kicking knowledge, let's see what fool (or fools) earned our disdain as our fool for the week.

This week's fool is a repeat winner.

GOP spokesnegro Ron Christie gets the nod in the wake of his asinine comments on MSNBC.

Christie was one of the negro sellouts working in the Bush misadministration and now frequently spouts right wing BS on the various talking head shows.

He was peddling the conservative talking points that the prez shouldn't have commented on Skip Gates' recent BS arrest by the Cambridge, MA po-po's.

He also took issue with President Obama calling the situation 'stupid'.

First of all, the case and all charges have been dropped against Professor Gates, so it's NOT an ongoing case as you erroneously stated on MSNBC.

And hello, you Oreo-chomping disgrace to Black America, what the hell do you call it when a cop arrests you for breaking into your own house?

We all know if Professor Gates had been a white male, nothing would have happened once he pulled out his ID and proved he lived there. I doubt he would have had to pull out ID to prove he lived there, the cop would have just probably taken his word for it.

Ron Christie, shut up fool!

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