Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dawn Does Dallas

Actually, Dawn is headed to the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, TX for the US Summer Nationals fencing tournament. She bounced out of the house about an hour ago enroute to the airport and will be winging off to DFW shortly.

She finished third in last year's Women's 40's Summer Nationals saber competition held in San Jose, CA. This time she's aiming to slash and parry her way through the Baby Vets to the top step of the victory platform.

In addition to her desire to win it all, she's still fighting to hold her spot on the USA Women's 40's saber team that is slated to go to Sydney, Australia for a Down Under world championship fencing tournament scheduled to take place in October.

So good luck sis, and hope you bring another medal or two back from my home state with you.

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