Friday, July 24, 2009

About Damned Time II

While I was channel surfing earlier tonight in search of something to watch other than the brewing political news du jour, I stumbled across another Larry King Show on transgender issues.

When I saw another all white transgender panel, I was about to turn it off CNN until something told me to hang around for a minute.

Listening to my inner voice was rewarded when I was surprised to see something different from all the previous CNN transgender panels:

Somebody who shared my ethnic heritage.

My little sis Isis King popped up for this discussion. I was happy to hear her get to articulate her thoughts on not only her recent experience on America's Next Top Model and her SRS surgery with Dr. Marci Bowers, but get a chance to actually point out that transition issues are different for the African-American community.

Too bad that nugget came at the end of the segment, but maybe it's something that the CNN peeps would like to explore. (hint,hint)

Hopefully this is only the beginning of having the experiences of transpeople of color begin to get injected into these discussions.

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Polar said...

Isis was on later than the other panelists because she was not in the studio with the host; she was on a remote.

As always with Isis, she comported herself with class and intelligence, and she communicated her perspective very well.