Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dissing Of Sonia Williams On Semi-Homemaker Blog

One of the things I gripe about on TransGriot is how the beauty of African-American women, be they trans or cisgender is disrespected.

It's also interesting to note how quickly African descended women are labeled as 'unfeminine' vis-a-vis the model of vanilla femininity that all are supposed to bow down and aspire to.

It happens far too often to the Williams sisters, and they aren't alone in that regard either.

Thanks to reader Lurlean I was advised of a thread occurring on the Food Network Humor Blog that illustrated this perfectly.

As usual, the folks that called out the disrespect of Sonia Williams were slammed as 'lacking a sense of humor' or 'overly sensitive'.

Ain't nothing humorous about a Black woman being disrespected. It's also playing into and perpetuating the 'Black women are unfeminine' stereotype that dates back to slavery.

Since it escaped these peeps in science class, or they graduated from 'Christian' private schools that teach Flintstones science, let me school y'all on something.

You get half your genetic material from mommy and half from daddy, and we are all blends of features from our parents.

Just as there are plenty of cisgender women who have 'masculine' body builds or combinations of features considered 'masculine', there are also cisgender men who have body builds and combinations of features that are considered 'feminine'.

Just an FYI, unless a person declares themselves to be trans, they ain't. Nor is it our business if they are.

TransGriot Note: Seems like in the last few hours, the Food Network Humor blog where that crappy post was housed is down for maintenance. Interesting.

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