Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DeLee Trial Day 3

Well well, seems like we had some drama outside the courtroom yesterday. It seems there was an altercation outside the courthouse that Judge Walsh had to comment on prior to starting the courtroom proceedings today.

Judge William Walsh stated that he saw the altercation, or “melee,” on film and found it “appalling.” He said that the altercation, which resulted from threats made by friends and members of accused shooter DeLee's family, “disgraced the life and legacy of" the victim and that the case would not be decided on the streets of Syracuse, but in the courtroom. He warned the individuals in the gallery to behave properly and respectfully, and expressed absolutely no tolerance for improper behavior.

In the meantime, the prosecution and the defense both rested today. That means jury deliberations for the panel of six men and six women will start tomorrow after closing arguments from lawyers and legal instructions from Judge Walsh.

TLDEF legal intern Laura Vogel has the 411 about today's events.

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