Thursday, July 09, 2009

Justice For Teish Update III

For those of you in the Syracuse area, on Saturday July 11 there will be a LGBT Community memorial service for LaTeisha Green from 12 Noon-4 PM EDT.

It's being coordinated by P.E.A.C.E., the Rainbow Alliance of Central New York, and the family of LaTeisha Green

It will be held at the First English Lutheran Church at 501 James St. in Syracuse, NY

The program for the memorial service will be emceed by Akosua and include La Joven Guardia del Teatro y La danza Latina, the Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus, Rev. Sharon Perry and remarks from the family.

There will also be a dinner following the program and a dance with DJ Flagg behind the turntables. If you need further info you may call 315-478-1923

The Facebook group set up by Gina Morvay as of this writing stood at 4,158 members. To join, you can go to and search 'Justice For Teish Green or simply click on this link.

If you're in the Syracuse area, the trial once again will be starting on Monday July 13. The Judge will be the Hon. William D. Walsh and the venue will be the Onondaga County Court.

Last month Judge Walsh made several rulings during a preliminary hearing in the case which included denying Dwight DeLee's constitutional challenge to the application of the hate crimes statute in this case, allowing the hate crime charges to proceed.

The address of the Onondaga County/City of Syracuse Criminal Courthouse is 505 South State St. Syracuse, N.Y. 13202-2104

The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund in addition to working closely with the Green family, the Rainbow Alliance of Central New York and GLAAD, has put together on its website a resource kit.

They plan to do frequent Twitter updates during the trial, so if you wish to access those tweets you can sign up to follow TLDEF.

Also have to respectfully ask this question. Did anyone consider doing a posthumous name change for Teish? I ask because that what Gwen Araujo's mother did in the aftermath of her murder when she got tired of the media disrespectfully using her old name.

I'm also hearing there are people trying to get TruTV to cover this trial, which they should.

It's not only a groundbreaking trial for New York State, it would highlight the fact that many of the African-American transpeople being murdered are by other African-Americans.

It also hammers home the point that 70% of the Remembering our Dead list is made up of Latina or African-American transpeople.

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