Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eureka Springs Votes To Keep Trans Inclusive Non Discrimination Ordinance

Eureka SpringsLast night was election night in Eureka Springs, AR  and it resulted in another loss for the Forces of Intolerance.

The Eureka Springs City Council unanimously and quickly passed Ordinance 2223 on February 9,  a non-discrimination ordinance that covers gender identity and sexual orientation in advance of the GOP controlled Arkansas Legislature passing the unjust Act 137 law that bans local jurisdictions from doing so that takes effect July 20..

Ordinance 2223 prohibits discrimination against anyone in Eureka Springs based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and provides anti-discrimination protection in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Eureka Springs wanted that ordinance in effect so they would have standing in a court challenge to Act 137.   However the local haters, including former Chamber of Commerce President Mike Bishop some clergy and AR State Rep. Bob Ballinger (R) who filed Act 137 in response to  Ordinance 2223, wanted it to die. 

So they dusted off the Conservative Noise Machine, their debunked trans predator lies and set out to repeat in Eureka Springs what they had done in Fayetteville and overturn a passed non-discrimination ordinance.   However, the fear and smear campaign in Eureka Springs ran into a huge PR problem when Rev. Acra Lee Turner,  the kneegrow spokesellout they were using to bear false witness for the repeal effort was revealed to have been convicted of sexual assault in Oklahoma.

The karmic wheel also turned on Mike Bishop, who was fired from the presidency of the local chamber of commerce for getting politically involved in encouraging the repeal of Ordinance 2223 without board approval

Yesterday the repeal referendum election happened, and by a nearly 3-1 margin, the people of Eureka Springs voted to keep their ordinance 579-231.

“This is historic, this is so exciting, historic not just for Eureka Springs but for all of Arkansas,” Mayor Butch Berry said to the Eureka Springs Independent  on receiving the tally. “We’re part of this! The feelings of joy here at campaign headquarters are contagious. It reminds me of when Bill Clinton was elected the first time.”

Lamont Richie-Roberson, the Carroll County JP who crafted the ordinance, was also happy about the positive outcome.

“We won! I’m blown away by the margin. It’s almost three-to-one.” Richie-Roberson said he thought the reason the margin was so significant was because the For 2223 camp ran a positive campaign and got people to the polls. “This validates the Eureka Springs welcome sign,” he said.

It also sends the message around the world that Eureka Springs doesn't discriminate.

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