Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Renee's Birthday!

Once again it's time to salute my favorite Coach purse loving Canuck on the day she arrived on this planet north of the border.

One of the things she is most thankful for as she celebrates the anniversary of her 30th birthday besides her children, the unhusband and the female unlapdog is that she was not born in as she calls it 'that wretched province'.

One thing I'm thankful for on her special day is the blessing of calling Renee my friend.  

I'm looking forward to the day I finally get the opportunity to visit that part of the world and have a chance to visit her and the family in person.

And on that day, I'll find out what's up with ketchup flavored potato chips and if Timmy's is as good as advertised.       .

Oh yeah, can't forget the cake that is more appropriate for such an auspicious occasion.

Happy birthday Renee!   May this one be full of abundant blessings, you have a blessed low stress day, your family treats you like the royalty you are and may you have many more.

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