Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If Reparative Therapy Didn't Work On GL Peeps....

What makes you misguided folks think its going to work on trans people?  

One of the things that pisses me and other transpeople off is this trend, whether it's coming from Kenneth Zucker and other like minded educated fools, the Malaysian government with their forced masculinization camps , transphobic monks in Thailand setting up an ex trans monastery, or fundies urging us to turn away from our 'lifestyle' (sarcasm meter on maximum when I say that word) and pray the girl away, is cis people thinking that you can 'change' us. 

Just like sexual orientation, gender identity hardwired in the brain.  If you think I'm selling you woof tickets on that, you may wish to peruse in addition to the increasing medical evidence supporting that view, the New York Times best selling book As Nature Made Him by John Colapinto.

It focuses on the story of a Canadian boy named David Reimer, who was born in Winnipeg as a healthy male identical twin named Bruce in 1965. After a botched April 1966 circumcision, his parents were advised by Johns Hopkins Gender psychologist John Money to have an orchiectomy performed on the child and raise him as a girl named Brenda.        
Money believed that gender was learned behavior rather than innate, Bt the way Brenda's life turned out says otherwise.   Brenda didn't identify as a girl, was teased and bullied, had a difficult relationship with her parents and grew up angry, depressed and confused in that gender role   With Brenda's threatening to commit suicide if she was taken to visit Money again, her parents revealed her birth gender to her.

After transitioning at age 15 to become David which by 1997 entailed testosterone injections, two phalloplasties and a double masectomy, he eventually got married and told his story to John Colapinto who published it in a Rolling Stone magazine article.

Colapinto's article was later expanded into the book.   He split the profits with Reimer, which gave him  financial security but unfortunately he was still battling a combination of problems that led to his suicide in May 2004.

The transphobic Buddhist monks in Thailand trying the trans reeducation route haven't had much success either in flipping the gender script of the people that have been urged by their families to go to this ex-trans monastery. . 

I predict the money the Malaysian government spent on their forced masculinization camps will be a waste of time as well   

So you still think forcing someone to live in a gender role not comfortable to them because you have a problem with it is a good idea?

No, it isn't.

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