Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hollywood Teaching Us To Hate On Transwomen

You long time readers of this blog know how often I gripe and complain about negative portrayals of transpeople, and especially transpeople of color in the media.  I've often said and continue to point out that in may cases what happens in Hollywood is far more important to our civil rights struggle than what happens in Washington D.C.

The hate on transwomen meme is not a new there in Hollywood, but i bring it up in context with this interesting post by Cord Jefferson entitled How I Learned To Hate Transgender People 

The post points out how that revulsion of transwomen theme he first saw in the Ace Venture Pet Detective movie and The Crying Game may be a not much talked about link into the anti transwomen violence that we face in near epidemic proportions.

It's an interesting read and a look from a cis male perspective about the issue.

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