Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cristan-Transgender Origins

As you regular TransGriot readers know, I'm considered Public Enemy Number One by the Transsexual Taliban because I'm opposed to their attempted redefinition of transsexual to mean anybody who hasn't had SRS.   I am firmly in opposition to their attempts to narrowcast civil rights for trans people.that would be deleterious to trans people of color and transpeople who don't have the money to get surgery, and the fact that they use remixed radical lesbian feminist rhetoric to attack anyone who doesn't agree with their misguided point of view.

They presume I hate them, but I'd have to care about them to hate them.  

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to more important TransGriot business shall we?  

Cristan Williams, the ED of the Houston based Transgender Foundation of America has been doing a series of posts concerning the transgender umbrella.term.  The TFA also has a trans history archive, and she's putting it to good use unearthing evidence that the transgender umbrella term was coined and in common usage before 1990.  

It also wasn't created by Virginia Prince as the loud and wrong WWBT's claim it was..  

Here's her latest post from her blog with more of what she has discovered about the transgender umbrella term origins

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